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  • Viranchi Sinha

Redesigning of Vidya Niketan School at Dombivli, India

· NAME : Viranchi Sinha


· PHONE NUMBER : 9920236016

· CURRENT STATUS : Architect

· Pass-out year : 2020

· College : Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Architecture and Design Studies

· Project Name : Redesigning of Vidya Niketan School at Dombivli, India

We all have a special bond with our schools, it is where our roots are from. In fact, we get our basic ethics, principals and morals from our school. A school has the power to shape their pupils mentally, spiritually, physically and psychologically. But our education system focuses on marks rather than the growth of children. I can’t change that! But what I did in my design is made that process of learning more interesting and fun for children. Plus, the school can help them discover their skill sets and enhance them through various activities.

Speaking about the design, Firstly I have used octagon as a unit because of its merits like, it has approximately 20% more space than a square with the same perimeter and creates a structural membrane which is comparatively stronger. It gives more surface area and angle for light and wind to enter into a room. Also, for an ideal classroom, even the corner students get a proper visual angle of the board.

Second thing is that my site has a lot of important old trees all around the site, hence to retain all of them, I built my school around them creating visually pleasing courtyards and good ventilation.

In order to make the classroom activities flexible I have designed a desk which can be reoriented as per the activity held in the classroom for example: a group assignment (class 1), a debate (class 2) or a lecture (class 3).

When the buses enter into the site, they can drop the students on the drop-off where they can have their assembly on the entrance area which is also an informal gathering space for various purposes. There are 3 main entries to the building 2 on the ground floor and 1 which goes to the 1st floor from the stepped assembly area to the lobby area. I have kept these separate entrances for separate floors to divide the kinder-garden section (on the ground floor) from the rest of the classes. The ramp in the central courtyard creates an interesting element for the children.

The basketball court has a sawtooth roof with solar panels facing the south (optimum angle 19˚ as per my site) and glazed openings for the north-light. I have also used a purifying facade using creepers because it protects from harsh sunlight, cools down internal air quality and also blocks outside visual and noisy disturbances for the classrooms. This facade is installed with the help of a wall trellis system.

Thank you!

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