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RAPID HOUSING (for Migrant Workers)

Hetvi Joshi (@hetvi._j)

Unit Area: 25-30 sqm

No. of Units: 50

Material: Ferrocement

Method of Construction: The unit should be assembled in two days by two persons.

Brief: The project proposes to understand complex issues effecting the migrant workers’ basic rights to housing and other entitlements. The solutions would consider the needs of the workers and delve into the planning of adaptable living conditions for them.

Concept: The concept was derived by understanding the minimum spaces needed to perform different activities specific to the user group which are migrant workers. Also looking towards how they live after understanding their existing conditions.

The main idea of the project is to use a ferrocement module which can be repeated in different combinations to form a unit. As for migrant workers the multi-usability of the space becomes a major aspect, the approach was to design a unit such that the spaces are not defined by the activities and can be used in different ways.

Also, the concept behind the C modules used for unit being that those modules can easily be used for storing goods and somewhere becoming furniture which can also be used for sitting purpose. The most important approach was highly efficient way for the use of spaces both enclosed and the semi-open. The units were then arranged strategically such that when two units combine an open pocket of space is formed between two units which becomes an extension of units to the outside.

Then the two units combined are repeated such that there is an open space shared by a cluster of 5-6 units that can be used for smaller gatherings, also providing a larger gathering space in the centre such that it is in near proximity for all units.

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