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Raffaella Cavallaro

Instagram- _raffaellacavallaro

'I always thought of architecture as the perfect fit between what exists and what we imagine can fit into it. An authentic and absolute harmony between nature and artifice, old and new, earth and sky.

The city that raised me during my studies, Naples, has fueled this belief, teaching me respect for the immense architectural and landscape heritage with which we go to confront, but also the beauty of the relationships, the interferences, the intersections and the grafts that deeply characterize it. I believe that every architectural organism, every place, has an incredible potential, dictated by its identity and I’m deeply fascinated by the complexity that comes from its reinterpretation and its potential redefinition: a real re-signification of the fragments, which satisfies contemporary needs and people who live it.

I got my degree with a thesis in Architectural Restoration - Restless Territory - awarded and exhibited on several occasions. After graduation I started two parallel and complementary paths: on the one hand I took part to different competitions and I collaborated with several architectural firms, considering the design thinking and action as the main activity of an architect; on the other hand, I invested time and energy in research support at the Politecnico di Milano where, for two years, I collaborate as academic tutor in architectural design studios of different degrees (triennial / master) and workshops.

Finally, I’ve always loved to explore and travel, because the curiosity to discover new places feeds my passion. All these different experiences synthesize my personal 'promenade architecturale' and describe the motivation and strong commitment that I put into everything I dedicate, especially to my work. I’m at the beginning of my career but I know that the emotion that the pleasure of ‘architectural beauty’ produces will never stop inspiring me and pushing me to improve myself.'

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