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Purchase Prize, Bursa Atatürk Sports Hall National Architectural Project Competition

Emrah BAL - Bal Mimarlık @emrahbal84 - @balmimarlik

Ahmet İlyas SÖZERİ @ahmetilyasozeri

Emre KUL - Language of Design @emreekull -

Selçuk ÖZKAYA - Language of Design @selcukozkaya -

Tuğrul KORKMAZ @tugrulkorkmaaz

Duru BAL

Erman Aydın

The project area is located at the intersection point of socio-cultural zones, transportation network, education and activity areas carrying important value for urban memory of Bursa.

The project area is surrounded by the national garden on the south, Atatürk High School on the north, Reşat Oyal park on the west, and the stadium street on the east.

The main goal of the design which faces to the national garden is to remove the wall between Reşat Oyal Park and the national garden thanks to the proposed lower focus in order to increase the transition between the two parks that have not been in fact for years, and also to strengthen Reşat Oyal connection with the proposal. The amphitheater, which is created with the aim of reaching to the maximum public space usage and creating new spacious surprising spaces with consecutive functions, connects the upper focus and the lower focus. It is also aimed to establish relationships between different cultural activities with different actions so that these actions and disciplines can feed each other.

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