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  • Lucía Barrios and Ana Sofía Moyano

Public Spaces of the National University of Cordoba

TEAM: Lucía Barrios and Ana Sofía Moyano – emebeme (@emebeme.arq)

LOCATION: Cordoba, Argentina.

SUBJECT: Landscape architecture.

The aim of the project is the reorganization of the public spaces of the National University of Cordoba.

Based on macro scale analyses, the project brings together multiple areas that enhance the diversity and mixture of the university allowing the disciplinary and cultural integration.

The design reorganizes the main circulations establishing two perpendicular roads: one for public transportation (Av. Haya de la Torre) and the other for pedestrian circulation (Bv. La Reforma). Also, the relocation of the parking spots (-3,50m) allow the consolidation of new green spaces.

The pedestrian circulation becomes a cultural linear park from which different squares emerge. Each location integrates the programmatic variety of the faculties.

The main attraction of the project is the Diversity Park situated at the end of the pedestrian circulation. This park integrates a series of elements that encourage the use and appropriation of the public space. It also offers a space for cultural events both for the university and for the city.

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