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  • Daan Debie

Project Bruges

Daan Debie

Student Applied architecture

This project is made for a mock-up design contest as a semester assignment for third year bachelor students Applied Architecture at Howest University for Applied Sciences by Daan Debie, Hasse Bols, Jason Bols, Ebert Vlaeminck, Jonas Vanhauwaert and Tristan Bruyneel.

The assignment requested a bikepackers hotel, a restaurant, sports facilities and a versatile space for pop-up shops and workshop spaces. The inspiration for the shape and design of the building comes from the idea to bring travelers and local residents together surrounded by nature. This concept was realized in a shape resembling a campfire. Every block of wood harbors a specific function and is placed around a central courtyard that connects the blocks on the ground floor. The right side of the complex has space for the hotel with a hotel lobby, private bike parking spaces for the hotel guests and a bike atelier on the ground floor. The rooms are on the upper floors combined with the service areas for hotel staff.

On the left side of the building lies the activity center with a multifunctional gym on the ground floor and workshop spaces on the upper floors. The restaurant is positioned at the back of the building with a view of the canal on the ground floor. All the entrances are positioned around the central courtyard, which is connected to the meadow on the right. The meadow had a minimal design and is made out of larger and smaller grass patches depending on de activities taking place. The meadow can be mowed at any place and time to make space for workout-areas, campfire grounds and picknick places. The Finnish running track through the meadow makes a perfect space for an outside run. The meadow, the activity center and the restaurant are freely accessible for the hotel guests and local residents, creating a perfect place to come in contact with different cultures and backgrounds.

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