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Priyanka Thakur

Instagram- ar.priyanka.thakur

Priyanka Thakur is an architect, whose practise revolves around finding the equilibrium between the practical and ecological needs for construction. She has graduated from IPS Academy, Indore, India. Her continuous academic interest lies in sustainable architecture and experimenting with locally sourced materials while minimizing collateral impact. The tactility of architecture and its symbiosis with the environment is the central questions she tries to address through her designs. She teaches furniture design and other courses central to making at Auro University, Surat and taking studio in design and detailing, resilient architecture at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Her diverse practice in architecture spans across Mumbai, Bangalore and Surat in India. She conducts workshops in collaboration with other architects, designers and institutions, she intends to promote construction using locally sourced materials with the special focus on bamboo. Some novel outcomes of these intense undertakings are: Tribal School at Majuli Assam, Exhibition Pavilion at Ahmedabad and Senior citizen's library at Surat.

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