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  • CNA Architects

Private Outhouse, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India.

Architects: CNA Architects

Instagram: @cna.architects

Site: Private Outhouse, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India.

This private outhouse was developed for a client in the hill station of Lonavala, around 1.5 hours from Mumbai. The project was designed keeping in mind the modern aesthetics combined with rustic and low maintenance materials, textures and colours.

Since we wanted to connect with nature, we have given a lot of verandahs and decks that connect you to the outside, but still maintain privacy and keep you sheltered from the elements. The residence comprises of four master bedrooms, a living room, a dining room with an open-plan kitchen, a cozy den, and 4 outdoor decks and verandahs.

As the client mostly visits the home only on the weekends, we have made sure that all the materials and fittings used are low maintenance, and overall developed the house to be easy to maintain and use when visited.

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