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Pratibha Christy George

pratibha (@prati2907) • Instagram photos and videos

Architecture has been a journey of exploration and constant discovery in life trying to reinvent oneself through every question it poses with each encounter. Raised in India, a vibrant country especially with an astonishingly great mixture of culture and diversity, it is very difficult not to observe how small things can be celebrated through ingenious design. In this journey I developed a strong passion for travel and capturing settlements in sketchbooks. I started my career as an Architect in 2016 and since then worked on several architecture and urban projects. Currently, I'm enrolled as a student for the Housing and Urbanism Master’s program at AA school and working on widening my horizon of knowledge. As a designer, I strongly believe that small differences usually overlooked hold immense potential for significant change and this search for those differences is what fuels my journey making it interesting.

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