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Prashansa Sachdeva

Architect | ACHS Member | Researcher : Deco In Delhi, Delhi Brutalist

Instagram- prashansa_sachdeva

Prashansa Sachdeva is a young practicing architect based in New Delhi, India. A recent post graduate from the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, she completed her MA in Architectural Design with distinction, after a meritorious undergraduate journey through Sushant School of Architecture at Gurgaon, India.

During her architecture tenure, she has extensively traveled across India and Europe investigating the built fabric for the relevance of heritage in the contemporary times and has showcased her interest by being a part of various open calls. Her undergraduate thesis on 'Reinterpreting Heritage: An Interpretive Layout of Humayun's Tomb' was the only student project exhibited in the 19th ICOMOS Heritage and Democracy Assembly, New Delhi, in 2018. Her Master's thesis on 'Architecture for Cultural Exchange - Designing Spatial Alterations for Intercultural Integration', has been published in the RIBA Research Awards Book 2019 and presented at the ACHS 2020 Conference - FUTURES, along with Dr Federico Wulff Barreiro, W+G Architects and Europa Nostra Grand Prix awardee, 2019.

Her work focuses a constant search for the underlying layers of the city and at the moment, is contributing to the research to explore and document modernist styles in Delhi, which have lately been ignored. She previously worked for an award winning firm in New Delhi, where she led and assisted teams in all stages of design and construction. In search for a balance between research and practice, she is working simultaneously to gain experience with contemporary methods and techniques. She aims to further explore her knowledge and work in the field of new methods for reviving and corresponding to the increasing boundary of heritage, culture and society.

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