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  • Veronica Lara


Green Door Studio London (@greendoorstudioldn)

My favourite project so far is what I've named Plants on Tour; which are my real house plants that I've illustrated visiting different beautiful cities around the world. This was my way of escaping the confinements of the second lockdown in the UK that occurred in November. However I've enjoyed this so much I'll continue with this project for the foreseeable future! When I visit new cities what most strikes me is the architecture; I think it says so much about the personality of the place and culture. I always go on walking tours and the best ones are the ones that take you through hidden streets into secret little gems, like courtyards and gardens. I think that's where the soul of a city lives. So far I've illustrated Parga (Greece), Porto (Portugal), Seville (Spain) and London (UK), and within these my favourite is Porto. The tiled houses are incredibly charming, even the ones that are crumbling down!

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