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  • Andrew Friedenberg

Pine House

Andrew Friedenberg (@arch.etype) • Instagram photos and videos

"Pine House, by architect and recent M.Arch graduate of the Design Research Laboratory (AADRL) at the Architectural Association, Andrew Friedenberg, was a submission for the Ryterna modul competition. The aim of this competition was to design a vacation home for a middle-class couple in rural Lithuania where they could retreat to work and live in relative isolation for a portion of the year, a desire exacerbated within the current context.

Conscious of the perils of inserting a completely foreign object into an existing symbiotic environment, the design was needed to be both self-sufficient and lightweight. This delicate approach was achieved by using prefabricated components made offsite limiting the contact between the site and house. These structurally insulated panels (SIP), wood joists with rigid insulation sandwiched between plywood, could be transported by small vehicle to the site and arranged by hand on top of the elevated platform. Using contemporary fabrication techniques of CNC milling allows for the accurate digital to fabrication workflow ensuring all 46 unique SIPs will fit as a kit-of-parts once transported to the site. Not only does this limit site destruction, but it also creates a highly insulative and hermetic space, a necessary quality of passive house structures. Additionally, photovoltaics are arranged on the catenary roof for optimum exposure, and greywater is collected and stored for all non-potable needs."

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