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  • Navaz Pirbabaie

Pavillion in UAE

The project is done in partnership with Arada, a leading development company in the UAE for a pavilion located in the focal point of the central hub in the Zaha Hadid developed master plan of Al Jada. The pavilion is intended to be a space for the public to gather in and around and be available for use at any time the central hub is open. In order to compliment the concept of the central hub being very fluid and organic in form, the pavilion gets its inspiration from the African granaries, which alongside having an organic form, are adapted to the warm African weather which is similar to that of the UAE. The project essentially approaches african Granaries through slicing one through and playing with it, through rescaling, pulling, pushing, etc. The pavilion is covered with a louvre-like facade system that can be made up of ropes, or a choice of areesh, as found in the UAE.

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