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  • Pam Brits, Terri-Lynn Matthyser & Caryn Felix

Pam Brits, Terri-Lynn Matthyser & Caryn Felix

A Family in Architecture.

A mother, Pam Brits and two of her three daughters, Terri-Lynn Matthyser & Caryn Felix, join forces to produce architecture while balancing life’s responsibilities.

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Pam began her career in architecture, drawing existing buildings for a building inspector of a small town. Her passion and creativity then inspired Terri-Lynn to become an architect, and then Caryn followed suit through technical drawing and the interiors aspect of design.

We believe that as a team of women, we bring a unique blend of balancing creativity, sensitivity and strength to the architectural community. This balance and creativity is seen in the artistic talents of Terri-Lynn & Caryn’s artwork.

Pam’s company, Pam Brits Designs, focuses on places of worship, residential homes and assisting clients in rectifying their buildings and plans to code.

Terri-Lynn’s career has included brand architectural design in motorcar showrooms and retail spaces, and in her company, Ai-Architecture & Interior, she enjoys designing residential & industrial buildings.

Caryn brings the two companies together, through her talent for social media, blogs and technical documentation.

An all-round, balanced, unique trio of talents and family ties.

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