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bY-Piermario D'Ortona

The human being has always tried to rise to the top, in an persistent vertical race that results to be part of our nature. The Architectural thought changed shape when architect William Le Baron Jenney designed the Home Insurance Building in the 19th century, the first skyscraper born in the famous school of Chicago, is 42.1m high, extraordinary height for that time. The last big challenge, in progress, is the Jeddah Tower, a monumental building under construction that will be once finished the tallest skyscraper in the world reaching 1008 m effective height. But already in ancient Greece a part of the city was built on a hill, the Acropolis, the fulcrum of religious doctrine and meeting place where, above the clouds, man felt closer to the gods. The message that the "Copper City" project wants to communicate is the tangible desire of a very ancient constructive thought, that is the desire to separate ourselves from the ground. The project tells of an extreme model of a city, a residential body that detaches itself from the ground below and rises following a radical verticalism, a city difficult to access where the desire to feel like dominating creatures does not even respect the world that gave life to us. The constant development of technology, which inevitably increases man's possibilities to improving and make his horizons realistic, must not overlook and forget the importance of our role. The paridgma of our times is a city over the clouds, with an exclusive access for a few chosen selected people, because we are more and more convinced to be superior and we are constantly contradicted by what we should admire and respect, the nature.

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