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  • Merjema Zubaca and Naida Celic

ORBIS Microhome

ORBIS Microhome is a design proposition created by architects Merjema Zubaca and Naida Celic. It is an 25 m2, off grid, self sustainable and environmentally friendly house form that uses the maximum potential of its proposed limitations, sizewise and shapewise.

-While microhousing is enviromwntally friendlier option and it does enable people to become homeowners in a time period where inadequately disproportional to the average income real estate prices are breaking the glıbal market day by day, we may tend to forget the consequ3nce of living in a small space exerts on the mental health. -ORBIS is divided into two parts: 1.The stationary part where all electro and plumbing installations take place 2. The rotatable part where living space, bedroom, office and relaxation space are placed. -All sides of rotating box are used with preinstalled multipurpose furniture that serve a different function every time the box is rotated -The box structure is connected to inner rings that act as an inner race and have wheels attached to them and act in the same principle as the ball bearing system by running inside the outer race. Inner rings are also connected to the central gear which is maneuvered by the small gear that is run by a helm placed inside the house. In this way half of the house can be easily rotated by exerting only manual human force.

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