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Olga Zubova

Instagram- zdesign.arch

After graduating from University with an International economics relations degree I started working in a furniture company. There I realized, that I enjoy making interior design and decoration. At that time I was studying MBA at California State University Hayward, which I’ve given up and entered Moscow Architectural University (MARCHI). Luckily, I got a chance to work on my first project for a friend - a townhouse in the English style. It was my first small achievement. Later on, I started a second project, which was quite challenging as it was designed in the Rococo style and also with a very tight deadline. It was a challenge for me as I've never had any experience with Rococo, however, I grew to enjoy it.

After that project, I went back to working in a furniture company and have graduated from MARCHI. At that time I got married and had had 2 children, nonetheless, I continued to pursue my goal, which was creating my design studio. At first, I worked alone, then the first two employees joined me. The number of clients had greatly increased, and soon I was able to build my own office, hire designers, and start my own business. As for now, my team and I have completed many great projects. I believe that if you love what you do, sooner or later the success will come to you. The key is to work hard and believe in yourself. 

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