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  • Vitor França

O.Martins Building

-O.Martins Building-

"A businessman / trader who was the father of a longtime friend, owned a land of 8.55 x 5.03 meters, and completed it so that I could develop a four-story building, the ground floor being used as a garage / future commercial point, the two floors above as "mini apartments", (one for rent, and the other for your youngest child) and the last, as a gourmet terrace for weekends, with approximately 32 square meters each. The main requirement, in addition to the necessity program itself, was that it be a modern and different project, in which the design of the narrow 5-meter façade brought value to the future property, and that the reduced internal space was used to the maximum possible. The first challenge of the project was to fit a ladder that occupied the smallest possible space of the narrow lot, fulfilling the minimum measures of comfort and access. The second was to ensure natural lighting and lighting in all environments, considering the size of the terrain, and its position in relation to the sun and winds. To solve this problem, I placed windows and openings in opposite walls, which allows the exchange of winds inside the entire building. The area of ​​light in the back and openings in the facade also allow the entry of sunlight and natural lighting into the environments. This type of project in a small space tends to be more complex, making everything more rational, using the best planning and architecture techniques."

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