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Nomita Sawhney

Nomita Sawhney is an Architect and Urbanist with two decades of work experience. She has worked with SOM (New York) and “The Wallace Floyd Design Group” in Boston, prior to being a Design Consultant to Jasbir Sawhney & Associates. She also heads her own Architectural Practice “Design By Meta”, in New Delhi since 2015.

The firm creates a vision by aligning various disciplines of architecture, interior design, lighting and product design with art to create a holistic experience for the client. At Jasbir Sawhney and Associates, she was involved in the design development of Kashmiri Gate Metro Station and Xansa Corporate Office. She has a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she received merit scholarship in 2005. In 2000, she was awarded the Dean’s Award of Excellence in Architecture from the Sushant School of Art and Architecture, New Delhi. At MIT, she worked with Richard Sennett and Manuel Castells, in developing ideas for the future of Urbanism. Her interest has been to foresee a new patterned environment, which is responsive to localized social patterns and is injected with new media (with which we perceive and encounter space and planning). While at MIT, she was also the editor for the student design magazine, exploring ideas for the design of cities with a focus in courses in Film, Visual Design, Comic Illustrative Art, Media and Technology. Working with Visual Artists like Krzysztof Wodiczko and Allan McCollum, internationally renowned and responsible in engaging the architectural object with media and the patterned social environment. At MIT, she took courses in Comparative Media Studies, under Professor Henry Jenkins, with a course in Understanding Comic Illustrative Art to visualize the City and society in illustrative and abstract terms. Engaging with the media of film and the city has always been a focus. Due to which she also studied with Giuliana Bruno at the Visual and Environmental Studies program at Harvard. The key projects in Design by Meta have been a variety of retail, high end residential projects, hospitality projects and office projects which engage with the brand to create brand value with an emphasis of curation and customization for the client. Design By Meta has worked with Forest Essentials, Biotique, Shahnaz Husain, Lemontree hotels, Khan Chacha, Rule the rolls, Modern Bazaar, Heads up for tails, Perenne Design and most recently are working on projects in Bhutan apart from several recognitions at National Architecture and Interior design Award in 2020 , London Retail Week (Best international store and best small store finalist), FOAID Semi finalist in Best Hospitality design (2018) and Best retail Store (2017). Design by Meta’s works have been published by leading magazines in print and online media portals to showcase the unique project typologies and their ideology to design.


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