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Nomin Boldsaihan

Instagram- nomin_architecture

Hello! My name is Nomin Boldsaihan. I am from Mongolia. As a child, I had a passion for drawing and layout. So in elementary school I went to the fine art studio “art-design”.

My creative path was influenced by numerous trips with my parents to the beautiful cities of Mongolia.

As well as to big cities like Beijing Guagzhou Hong Kong. When we left the airoport for Hong Kong I feel in love with architecture and this moment I decided to become an architect.

After graduating from the art studio I entered the University of Russia to study architecture. Architecture for me is not just about designing buildings. This is the creation of a space that can influence the emotional and psychological state of a person, their behavior and productivity. This profession is very diverse. Architecture shows the cultural characteristics of each nation. We can read the values and philosophy of the people of that time.

Working at the University and beyond on my ideas and projects and its implementation helps me develop my creativity and ability to work in a team. Architecture for me is a multifaceted and amazing art that includes different directions. And the person who is in love with this profession always learns. This is his calling. This is love.

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