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Natalia Gallardo

Natalia Gallardo, Interior Designer Andalusia, Spain.

Natalia Gallardo (@natalia_gallardocollantes) • Instagram photos and videos

My interest in interior design began when I was a child and I watched my father night after night studying his plans in his living room, I even remember helping him design the plans of our house as if he were already a professional. After a few years I decided to specialize in higher studies in Interior Design at the School of Arts in Jerez de la Florida, Cádiz.

I really appreciate observing the spaces and above all letting myself be carried away by the various sensations that they process, as if their own story told. Nature is one of my sources of inspiration in design, it makes me connect with my roots, I grew up in a small town surrounded by impressive fields.

I started my professional career in 2019, and since then I have worked on various design projects and even designing furniture for private clients. Currently I continue working and training to expand my knowledge as a designer.

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