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  • Nasim Sarhangi

Nasim Sarhangi

Nasim Sarhangi (@thebreeze_design)

Graduate from Art and Architecture University of Tehran in Design, Industrial design field, now lives in Istanbul. Interest in Interior design and everything that relate with architecture. So into the vintage and classic designs combination with modern ones. Love 3D Modeling the architectural projects and interior plans. and also green designs field.

" I imagine everything in curvy way, and think curves can be perfect at every kind of design, such as a little decorative thing, or a huge bridge or a tall tower. I think curves can describe my passions for design in every way. it can catch your eyes and take you everywhere it wants and make you feel enjoyment and dreamy. In fact, it has it own Soul. a very little detail in a design, can make you feel better in hours, or make a hard and dislikeable work more fresh and lovely. and the important thing, it can help us to make our world more comfortable, and more beautiful for every creatures. "

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