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Najan Aurora

Phylicia (@janna.phy)

Imagine being the next Zaha Hadid of this time. Women are often the light of their homes. But times have changed significantly for the better because nowadays we can also build structures and build homes at the same time. My architecture journey started from my personal growth as a human being making ends meet and expressing myself in my own craft. I have lived, studied, and practiced professionally here in Bicol. My honorable school built my architecture foundation, but my spark in other forms of art has opened more doors in my practice. Like in photography, every photo has a story. Architecture has become my story-telling medium, like creating a movie scene. This way, designs and ideas are created more naturally than just making plans and drawing structures from textbook logic. Whatever I present to my clients and audience, it's a scene that can spark different reactions from numbers of people. Aesthetics are subjective, but emotions are connections to what people desire. Furthermore, as an architect, I see to it that the science and logic comes second.]

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