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  • Diana Grigoryeva

Multifunctional Cultural and Entertainment Complex

Architect, Designer Diana Grigoryeva

Diana Grigoryeva (@indesignartist) • Instagram photos and videos

Contact Details:

"Conceptual project of a multifunctional cultural and entertainment complex."

The project proposes to reconstruct the park, in order to create a multifunctional cultural and entertainment complex, including a number of objects of social and cultural importance, create sites for mass cultural and sports events, arrange the road and path network, as well as improve the territory, and organize proper care behind trees and shrubs.

Designing the park as a cultural center that meets the social and cultural needs of the city's population creates an aesthetic filling the urban environment, provides for the need for the multifunctionality of the complex, in which all objects are combined into a single whole.

The concept is based on the wave theory of the creation of the world and the symbol

the infinity and inexhaustibility of creative nature - the Moebius strip.

Mobius strip is a surface on one side only, this single continuous curve shows and has one boundary component. It has the mathematical property of being non-orientable in space, and is also a ruled surface.

The volumetric-spatial solution of the project is based on the symbol

infinity, where forms, intertwining in a special way, involve the viewer

into a completely different environment. The plane turns into volume unexpectedly and

aligns with the terrain again. This intersection of volumes creates an unusual spatial image of the exteriors and interiors of the complex.

All park structures are an organic part of this ensemble, their

volume and color characteristics should be in harmony with the surrounding

plantings. An essential feature of the structures is the possibility of their use in summer and winter.

The complex is multifunctional. Its volumes and areas can accommodate a large number of people. At the same time, to combine different functions and different contingent. The main functions are:

• cultural and entertainment;

• informational;

• recreational.

The project is based on the principles of environmental safety and

manufacturability. Environmental friendliness lies in the maximum possible use of environmentally friendly materials (concrete, wood, stone, corian). Manufacturability lies in the use of innovative technologies and the latest achievements in engineering.

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