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  • Monika V. Pancheva

Monika V. Pancheva

Monika V. Pancheva (@monikapancheva)

Since you don't know anything about me I have to bore you with some of the basic stuff.

For me architecture is another word for passion.

My name is Monika Pancheva, an aspiring young architect. I am currently a student surviving architecture classes at TU Dresden based in Germany. Originally I come from Bulgaria.

Although my journey with architecture is not that long I have always felt subconsciously drawn to it. The beauty of every single building, being there absorbing the energy of different generations, has always made me feel excited.

I l o v e every aspect of what I do. I love the stress that comes with it, the uncertainty that I feel sometimes. I love the late nights and early mornings spent on my desk and I would never replace it.

I have affinity for urban planning and developing designs that "take in" the energy of its surroundings. I have an enormous amount of respect for nature which is why I love bringing a part of it in every single one of my projects. My goal is to be one with it and not try to dominate it. I think that we are the generation that has got to realize this now.

Architecture is about enjoying and creating. You either enjoy the creation of others or you are the creator. I'd like to be on both sides of it.

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