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  • Mónica García

Mónica García

MÓNICA • Ilustraciones (@mgc_arq)

Monica Garcia (@moni_garciac)

Hi! I’m Mónica García. I'm 21 years old. I’m a sophomore architecture student from Cuenca, Ecuador. My journey in architecture started when I moved to Belgium. European cities and society gave me a new perspective to discover more about their culture, architecture, and history. This knowledge helped me to grow intellectually and as an individual.

Nowadays, I study at the University of Azuay, here I’ve learned to express myself through architecture. I’m interested in translating ideas from the paper to reality and creating living spaces that will satisfy people's needs. I like sharing with all the people around the world know more about Ecuador’s architecture through illustrations. In the future, I would especially like to contribute to improving the quality of people's lives in my city.

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