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  • Ajit Pawar

Moksha – “Salvation”

Summarized concept-

This is a contemporary Durga temple designed on the principle of Indian ancient geometrical pattern (pentagon) which is called “Ashtakon”

In Sanskrit which means “Ashta”- 8 “Kona”- sides, this rhythm is followed through out the journey of design process.


The concept was derived from the brief explained by the client itself,

Through out the journey of 72 years, client had many ups & downs, in his personal life but number 8 has played an vital role in his life because his major life changing events took place on 8th of several months.

“keeping this main element in mind, i tried to decode this emotion & relate it through architecture considering will be the best solution

For this project by incorporating Vastu-principles was a challenging as well as adventurous task for this project.”

Site & design derivation –

As the site carries a beautiful history specially known one of biggest spiritual & heritage city of our nation “Nashik” .“city of Pilgrims ,city of temples”

Inspiration for the design was taken from the “Vitthala temple” located in Hampi in “Karnataka” where the pillars surrounded with multiple colonnades resonates the soothing sound which makes the space very lively & spiritual by those musical notes generated by the granite used as material makes the pillar musical.

Structure specification-

Temple is planned in a pentagonal profile having 8 horizontal directions resembling 8 planets, having 8 surfaces, having 8 openings to the space, Shikhar resides on 8 pillars of the temple having 8 colonnades per pillar, having top 8 slabs lifted vertically creating a vimana- shikhara of the temple. Facing north-east “Ishanya” -direction of god. The space where we can experience the behavioral pattern of the nature & context from sun rise till sun set. Where one can really experience the “moksha” ultimate peace.

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