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  • Emma Sanson, Witchaya Jingjit, Patricia Tibu

Modern Museum of Audible Space


Emma Sanson

Witchaya Jingjit

Patricia Tibu

Master of Architecture study

Studio Hani Rashid at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

The project is called Modern Museum of Audible Space and is a network of installation art galleries and spaces for artists to create - proposed as an expansion of the public space around New York’s shoreline.

The gallery space is regarded not as a neutral container, but as a historical construct; the museal space of the 21st century is a place of polemic and a relevant mechanism of societal diagnosis. Drawing from the rich history of the New York Piers, the space is envisioned as a network within which radical thought can unfold and be introduced to a more general audience.

Sound constitutes the connective tissue of this network – this stems from the ambition of creating a languageless communication between the different components that compose the art world. Therefore, the project not only accommodates sound related installations, but it is in itself an instrument capable of producing sound and also manipulating it. Formally, the design is based upon sound visualisation methods derived from the research of physicist and musician Ernst Chladni. The ‘dislocated’ shoreline hosts 3 main programs which spatially speaking will vary between the established space - the mainland - towards the ramified, network like space - the archipelago.

There are affordable cohabiting spaces for artists, keeping new york available for a diverse population, who now are, and in the future might again be hit by economic challenges. The space opens up for social interactions, encouraging discourse and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

The adaptable galleries are constantly reforming and transform the adjoining public areas - It is where innovation and experimentation can happen through the intersecting paths of strangers while also becoming visible to the public.

Finally, the areas for „creation and research” are envisioned as a place where radical and critical thought can be incubated.

Culture has become the common language. It is an interconnected collection of spaces created to support, display and integrate art and artists into the fast paced – and quite challenging life of the dense city of New York.

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