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  • Saraf Wasima Bintu

Mix-Use Building at Chairman Bari, Dhaka

Designed By- Saraf Wasima Bintu

Instagram- the_arch_scribbler

Institution- North South University (NSU), Department of Architecture

Year -3; Term -1

Instructors: Zakiul Islam & Aida Hasan

Additional Guide- Syed Sadman Malik Mahdi. (Architecture Student)

Program- Mix-Use Building

Location- Chairman Bari, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Area- 14000 Sqft. (200 ft x 70 ft) / 1300.6 sqm. / 0.32 Acre.

Located in northern Dhaka beside the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway, the area is well known for its diversity in urban spaces, people, and functions.

Mix-Use development is a type of urban development strategy that blends different functions, where functions are physically and functionally integrated. The project was to design a Drama theatre beside a busy highway on one side and railways on the other side. Later a vertical expansion was made for providing additional functions like a coffee shop and book shop based on the surrounding urban context.

Though the form morphology is erected through constructive functional solving, it automatically complements and respects the forms of the pre-existing architectural precedents of the surrounding context. However, it acts as an urban canyon creating a walking experience for the pedestrians and acting as a transitional space between two urban zones simultaneously.

Moreover, the main functional focus remains within the mysteries underneath the ground floor. The reason for the unconventional placement of the drama theatre partially underground is because to avoid additional cost for sound-proofing as the ground itself acts as a barrier to external noise pollution.

Lastly, the structure of the building is designed in such a way that it leaves room for additional and further future vertical expansions thereby, serving the increasing industrial mindset of the client.

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