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Memory of the project 2 (Edificio Alba 5):

8 apartments building in Alonso Cano, Granada

A residential building in the center of Granada located on a rectangular plot with a buildable area of ​​approximately 100 m2.

The building is developed on 4 floors. In each of them there are two apartments with one bedroom and a kitchen-living room. The access is from Calle Alonso Cano. The communications core is formed by the staircase and the elevator; It has been located in the central area of ​​the building which, in turn, houses the layout of its facilities.

The construction has been projected with criteria of economy and rationality; not only in its execution but also thinking about future maintenance.

As the first objective, the project seeks the maximum use of natural light. The free building space is accumulated in the rear area so that the greatest entry of light from the South orientation is achieved, covering the rooms with a facade to this space.

The two facades of the building are covered with large-format pieces of Alba limestone, generating a material continuity throughout the whole; since it is a very versatile and luminous limestone.

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