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  • Jua Greeff

Melusi Gateway, 2020

Architecture student: Jua Greeff (BHonsArch) University of Pretoria, South Africa

w a t e r P A S design studio (@waterpas_) • Instagram photos and videos

Melusi Gateway derived out of the Group Vulnerability mapping where the vulnerabilities were addressed in terms of climate adaptation. Sites like Melusi is vulnerable especially towards climate change. The First part of the project dealt with the vulnerabilities in terms of exposures, sensitivities, and the impacts of such exposures on inhabitant. This project is situated within an informal settlement West of Pretoria CBD in South Africa. The project is the result of a final project for the honours program in Architecture at the University of Pretoria 2020.

Melusi Gateway will allow for co-evolution to take place due to the specific programs chosen, aquaponic farm, community kitchen and nutrition health centre. The programs identified is crucial to create a circular economy. The main objective of the project is to upgrade Melusi through a central strange attractor, empowering and, enabling the community through the momentum of the stakeholders such as the plant nursery south of the intervention to educate people on healthy nutrition practices and how to sustain a aquaponic farm. Nutrition and healthy eating habits is the foundation towards education and physical strength of Melusi to ultimately give Melusi’s inhabitant the basic needs to leave Melusi through opportunities and improve themselves.

This intervention will use exposed structure and systems to educate the users of how the intervention operates and to create curiosity using the biophilic design principle to stimulate thinking and problem-solving skills. Melusi will also empower through work opportunities and through work opportunities during the construction process. This project aims to merge the boundaries between different stakeholders from different backgrounds to come together in one project with the prospects of stakeholders to ultimately leave the Community to sustain themselves, through the OODA loop principal allocating ownership and responsibilities to community members.

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