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Melissa Sutanto

Instagram- melissasutanto

As a child, future as an architect never even once crossed my mind. I always loved art but I thought that I am a very logical person, so I really want to be an astrophysicist. But as we all know well, life is full of surprises. You never know what will happen in life. When I entered university, I entered the department of architecture, with no idea what’s everything about.

The students around me all have some kind of connection to architecture. Either his dad was an architect, her mom is an interior designer, his dad is a contractor, and so on. Me? Nothing. I started from zero and now not only I managed to graduate, but I’m also a top 11 finalists of the Public Expose, a campus-wide architectural exhibition and competition for selected projects. Careerwise, I am currently working as a junior architect in Agung Sedayu Group, one of the largest property company in Indonesia. I started with no basics.

Architecture can be harsh and unforgiving, especially to sensitive souls, but the key is to be resilient and flexible. Being resilient as a rock but flexible at the same time, had saved me throughout the years in architecture and I am glad I did this crazy diving in the field I love so much now.

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