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Melis Tekin

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Choosing to be an architect was not a difficult decision for me, because arts and design were a passion for me since my childhood. So my architecture journey started in Istanbul, Turkey where I studied my Bachelor’s in Architecture at Ozyegin University. Whilst I was studying there, I got really interested in sustainable design and I decided to do my masters around sustainability. Thus, I have studied my masters in Design and Management of Sustainable Built Environments at University of Reading in the UK, where I have grown as an independent researcher in architecture. It helped me to enhance my knowledge around urban sustainability, sustainable design, environmental quality and well-being. I am now living in UK, doing a PhD in Architecture at the University of Sheffield and my research is looking at resilience in nearly-zero energy housing performance in order to prevent performance failures because of the unknown effects of climate change. My goal is to improve the built environment by designing resilient and long lasting sustainable housings for the future generations.

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