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Melina Gonzalez

Instagram- estudio.stranger

My name is Melina Gonzalez. I am 25 years old. Since I was little I like to create things. My path in interior architecture design and industrial design careers began at the age of 17 when I entered the National University of Argentina. I constantly seek creative solutions that take advantage of space and material resources , and are combined with distinct functionality and details. I am dedicated to the digital representation of projects, since for me design is a way of freeing the imagination, and the desire to change the environment that surrounds me, and there is nothing better than the digital environment to achieve it. I combine many programs to achieve the renderings, among which I use photoshop (my great love) illustrator, autocad, keyshot. I use photomontages, vectors, 3ds and renders to show my ideas. I think that design is based on details: I believe that even the smallest piece of the puzzle of a space or object must be thought through.

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