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MEDASUR Provincial Culture Center

Since the beginning of 2020, it was thought how to hold a Science and Technology exhibition in such an unusual year as this. From “Amunkamapu” (organizing entity) in conjunction with “Andocroquizado architects” it was decided that the activity would be carried out from a virtual platform from October 2 to 9, 2020. There were eight days of exhibition of projects, research and talks and of sharing moments, cultures and learning on the whole. From the organization, the main idea was to achieve a warm environment, similar to the annual meetings in face-to-face format.

It was taken into account that the spatiality and the proposal had to reflect this “celebration of science”. The premises were simple, a building capable of housing an auditorium, a zoom and a lobby had to be designed; In addition to this, the design of the "Stand" should be considered where the participants would present their proposals.

The general approach of the proposal responds to the characteristics of the adjoining buildings, since it is inserted within the premises of the Civic Center of Santa Rosa (work of Clorindo Testa). Based on this, the plant is formed as a “virtual extension” of the MEDASUR Provincial Culture Center, an extension given thanks to the virtual materialization of the work. There are two pavilions (Rio Atuel Hall and Andrea Lopez Auditorium), unified by a covered access plaza that acts as a Lobby.

The design of the adjoining public space is one of the concerns of the design team, remembering that despite being a virtual work, it should aim to test quality public spaces. From @Andocroquizando has been working in La Pampa on public proposals (See "Parque Lagunita"), where these latent spaces are revalued, in "Stand By". They are constantly threatened by real estate speculation and run great chances of appropriation of private use.

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