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Mayte Velez

Mayte Velez (@mavg_arch) • Instagram

Mayte Vélez Guayasamín (@maytevelez_98) • Instagram

My name is Mayte Vélez @mavg_arch, I’m 22 years old and I recently graduated from Architecture in Ecuador.

Throughout these years of formation, I understood how space, materials, and scale can give different atmospheres and experiences to the user; as well as the importance of perception and how subjective it is, depending on how and who sees it.

I also believe that architecture should improve and understand necessities, not only for the users themselves but all exterior needs considering environmental, social, sustainable, and efficiency matters.

We are living in a world with constant change where designing architecture has the challenge to adapt to it considering actual and future needs without leaving apart the sense of comfort, function, and esthetic.

My portfolio

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