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Maya Kardouh

@mayaarchistudio • Instagram photos and videos

I am Maya Kardouh , an architecture student.

I believe that my architecture journey was shaped by the places I have lived in and the architectural live shots that were captured unconsciously in my mind.

Starting from my childhood that I have spent it in Syria feasting my eyes on islamic and moorish architectural style then I spent my teenage years in Abu Dhabi and Dubai where I was able to observe the advanced technologies that were used in architecture and appreciate the impact of modern architecture in redefining the image of a city.

Now that I am living in Istanbul, I became aware of the importance of uniting the past and present and taking into account the history and culture and let it guide you into building structures that are compatible with the legacy of the past.

Recently, I became very interested in discovering life on other plants and currently I am doing lots of research on building on Mars and how architects and Aerospace engineers can contribute in building a habitat on Mars that could serve the coming generation.

I love my work so much and I am ready to devote my time and energy generously to serve the field.

Studio: @mayaarchistudio “

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