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Mary Lynn Al Haddad

Instagram- lynnjhad

From a young age, I was captivated by old buildings, especially the ones affected by the war, and always believed that one day I will fix everything.

Born and raised in Lebanon, a country whose capital has been demolished and rebuilt over 7 times, I grew a passion for architecture and learned to see art in everything. The experiences I lived in my country made me realize that an architect can save lives; therefore, designing for the people and their needs became my top priority. I am always eager to learn more about different cultures as I am currently resuming my master's degree at Politecnico di Milano.

On a social level, I dedicated my time for community services and volunteering which brought me an extensive experience in leadership, communication, adaptability, and perseverance. For five years, I was the woman leader of numerous scouts’ members, inspiring each other to progress in life with determination and a strong sense of ethics toward society as a whole.

Hence, my aim is to always pursue my goals until the very end because there is nothing more fulfilling than to see excellent results that have emerged as a consequence of determination and hard work. “let us try and leave this world a little better than we found it”- Lord Baden-Powell

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