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Marina Marsea Kontou

Instagram- marina.kntu

As a citizen of a country (Greece) with a long history of Architecture with a plethora of ancient buildings, my decision to study Architecture was more than challenging to me. With a wish to explore how science and technology can be connected to improve the performance of buildings both socially and environmentally, architecture has elicited the dichotomy of my personality, permitting me to engage creativity with functionality.

Although, my journey as an Architect started in 2015 before even, I completed my undergraduate course at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I had already begun considering the possible fields that I would like to specialize in. During my undergraduate studies, I attended numerous studios and modules on Architecture, such as Environmental Design, Urban Planning, Landscape Design, etc. Besides, I have managed to be certified in computer design programs since the first academic year. Moreover, I would like to emphasize on my diploma project titled Ergo.Tourism/o Live Resort, that focuses on the creation of an alternative tourism accommodation experience on the island of Chios that serves outdoor activities and promotes agrotourism. I recently graduated on 17/07/2020, with the certification of an Integrated Master’s in Architecture with a first-class honours degree.

Additionally, I would like to focus on my 2 years of voluntary participation in Open House of Thessaloniki, a global institution for the promotion of architecture.

Simultaneously with studying Architecture, I was working for 2 years as a sales representative in the international company Intersport in Thessaloniki to self-fund my studies. The job experience was worthwhile, as it provided to me with a vast amount of skills (leadership, cooperation, etc.) that are essential for a successful career. Thorough research concerning master programs, I decided that the MSc Sustainable Architecture Studies of the University of Sheffield in the UK, that I am currently attending is based on three conditions that I have set. Firstly, it meets my aspire to become a specialist in this field. Also, I will be well-grounded provided to work with the wider construction industry, to develop solutions to problems, or to become an engineering consultant. Furthermore, I will improve my practical skills in environmental assessment, and I will be taught with simulation software methods. After graduation, I intend to join the workforce of a regional, national or international body related to Sustainable Construction and Management, to become familiar with the reality of participation in a sustainable construction body and analyse current practice for commercial developments in a foreign country.

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