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Mariam Jacob

Instagram- mariamjacob_arch

Being an architect that graduated in the midst of the pandemic has undeniably pushed me to make the most of my time; by upskilling, obtaining LEED credentials, engaging in collaborations whilst actively looking for a job. Having been forced to stay indoors during the lockdown, helped reinforce why I chose to be an architect in the first place: to create meaningful spaces that respond and enhance the user's lives along with their community and not a built form that is imposed upon them.

My personal architectural approach has been one that places humanity at the heart of design which is context-based and sustainable.

This is depicted through my personal endeavours of being part of the ‘2018 Kerala Flood Relief Housing Project’ as well as my thesis project that aimed to ‘Enhance food production in Marrakech’ by repurposing Food Waste. Currently, I am partaking in a workshop/placement program titled, “Architecture for Humanity” offered by YACademy. This collaboration has helped me personally interact and learn from the most illustrious names in design and broaden my understanding of building socially relevant architecture in an emergency context. I hope to inculcate and develop these values further in the firm that I work for as well as in my personal explorations.

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