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Maria Lyubimova

Instagarm- lovemariarch

I never thought of being an architect at an early age. But when you grow up, you try to realize your passions and desires to find a job that suits your real nature. So architecture became a solution for me because it combines two interesting sides that tore my soul to the parts: an undescriptive, emotional side of art and a fascinating, logical side of technologies. Later, I slowly discovered architecture and urban planning and was deeply involved by the beauty and diversity of people's minds. I haven't graduated from the University of Architecture in Moscow, Russia, yet. I'm finishing my Bachelor's Degree this year, working on the diploma thesis "Multifunctional center of help for immigrants to Russia" because I'm very interested in discovering other cultures and how we all can live together. I travel a lot and share my photos at my Instagram account @lovemariarch. I hope in the future I will have the opportunities to work with people full of enthusiasm, maybe in different countries, to understand our world better and create something for it.

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