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Maria Clara Cabral

Find me at: Arquitetura e Urbanismo (@claracabral.arq) |

My name is Maria Clara Cabral, born and currently live in Recife - Brazil, and now I am about to graduate. (Arquitetura Urbanismo • Unicap (@arquiteturaunicap)).

My love for architecture and urbanism was built throughout my life, but I think I managed to conceive it as a profession when I realized its powerful influence on people's quality of life.

In addition TA position, I sought out experiences on a large scale, aiming to benefit as many citizens as possible: collaboration with actions of ephemeral tactical urbanism, design-build and urban design, in differents ZEIS; scientific initiation in agreement between the university and Recife City's Hall, in a reference study for the design of urban guidelines, for the city's Master Plan; collaboration with IAB.PE, state department of national institute of architects; internship in sustainability and environment's department, at the city hall of Recife; and internship with landscaping demands, as support for the development of environmental sanitation projects. In 2020, I was selected to be one of the 10 Brazilian university students who will compose the summer school UIA 2021 team (@uia2021rio). Currently, with the quarantine and its reinterpretations, I found myself challenged to investigate and propose formally for a different space than the one proposed before, so I'm formulating my graduation thesis about new pandemic housing demands, and how they will influence normative design constructive, using my city as a speculative territory, a territory where, today, history fades day by day, and in its place, generic buildings and shadowy urban political decisions are strengthened.

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