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Maria Chiara Virgili

Instagram (@dannatiarchitettipodcast).

I attended my undergraduate studies in Architecture at "La Sapienza" University of Rome and at the Camerino University, with excellent results in the fields of structural design and compositing. In 2012 I obtained the Msc Degree in Architecture with full marks and honour and in 2013 the Senior License to practice Architecture and Building Engineering, officially becoming a qualified professional in Italy. Gradually I became a Visualisation Artist and I had the opportunity to work for international studios and brands such as Massimiliano Fuksas, David Chipperfield, Valentino and YSL. After many years communicating with images, in 2020 I started to communicate with words through an historical disclosure’s audio project on architecture and design. Dannati Architetti is the the first Italian podcast on the history of architecture, project of which I'm author, narrator and full time curator. The show is available on Spotify and many other players, but also on

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