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Marciele Vergutz

Campo Grande, Brazil.

Hello, My name is Marciele. My journey started at elementary school with the huge desire to indulge my creative side, which has always been highly developed and a huge desire to take care of people's well-being. That was when the Architecture and its aspects entered my life. During the college I discovered a great aptitude with interior design and how important it was in people's lives because each space in a house carries the story of each person who lives in it and its objects and translates their identity.

In the search to improve and specialize in this area leaving college in 2010, I started working in an office with great architects in my city and in 2014 I did postgraduate studies in Interior Design and Lighting. Since then, I’ve been working in the residential and commercial interiors always looking for the best for all my clients, bringing their identity through colors, textures and shapes. Bringing well-being, warmth and personalization to the home, work or whatever space they challenge me is what motivates me. It is in this universe that I complete myself!

Instagram: @marci_interiores


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