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  • Mandana Bonyadlou

Mandana Bonyadlou

Mandana Bonyadlou (@mandana_bny)

Hi I’m Mandana Bonyadlou, I’m an Iranian architect.

The story of choosing architecture goes back to when I was a middle school student.

My teachers always told me you are good at painting and making after that I Familiarity with the field of architecture, during that I spent a lot of time to getting know architecture and started paying attention to the details of new and historical buildings and also visited many galleries and exhibitions before choosing this field. So I in loved with this major finally I chose it. Architecture university teaches me solve problems like no other education. By intensely focusing on design, construction and history, then looking at the world through that lens, it also forces everyone to reconsider how we think, live and interact with our environments. It is often about examining information what we already know and using that information to creatively solve new problems. Also it rewires my brain and finally I graduated being a very different person from when I started.

I finished bachelor of architecture and then I was accepted master of architecture, during this time of study, by chance I meet a very cool architectural team and sent them my resume, and they gave me the opportunity to work with them as a member of their team, and now its near about three years I have been cooperating with this coolest architectural team.

And also during these times I had a chance to cooperate with other countries like, Australia, India, Venezuela and Switzerland. Now I can tell I love architecture and designing and also architecture softwares I really appreciate them.

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