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Mahzad Pourrokni

Mahzad (@justmahzad) • Instagram photos and videos

I'm Mahzad Pourrokni, a multipotentialite person who have got Masters degree in architecture from Tehran university and continuing my PHD studies in the same field. As a multipotentialite person, my interests and abilities are not only in the field of architecture and interior design, but also furniture, fashion and jewelry designe, art, writing and anything that can be created!I know several software and I have several years of experience as a journalist in addition to architecture.

What I pay attention in architectural design is the context, the environment and creating a space tailored to the needs of users and generally paying attention to the psychology of the environment. I believe that as a creator, we must leave a mark that will maintain its compatibility with the environment and people in the coming years. Your work is your immortal heritage, so be careful what you are creating!

Thank you so much for giving me a few seconds of your time.

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