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  • Emma Haukom

"Love Your Curves" Triplex with Cross Laminated Timber

By-Emma Haukom (@e.hauky)

This project was designed in collaboration with Amy Caran, who worked on the construction details on these boards.

As a semester-long inquiry, we are exploring the possibilities of using cross-laminated timber as an application to residential housing construction. Early on, we became very interested in the ability to use prefabricated apertures that transform space. Specifically, the proliferating forms of an archway. Cross-laminated timber also has the unique opportunity to utilize a balloon framing system in which the walls may support floors at varying heights. For the design of a triplex, we utilized these two methods to create a unique environment for each unit without compromising the structural integrity of the material system. These two actions then yield an array of varying levels of enclosure that is defined by a series of different archway variations.

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