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  • Yasser Salam Salam

Local architecture The stages of the development of the Baghdadi house Fourth decade 1931-1940

In this decade two types of housing patterns were identified The first is an extension of what is present in the previous decade without any change in the originally adopted design idea

The differences between them are only formal differences resulting from the imitation of propositions based on the influence of the values ​​of Western civilization, which came here only formality, so the essence remained as it was and the difference was apparent using inscriptions, friezes and columns attached to the wall and from elements of neoclassical architecture This trend is explained by the degree of assimilation of those values, as Ray Linton and Basted V. What changes first is the form, because it is easier to visualize than the content

The second is a new type of housing. The thought used in it depends mainly on the following concepts Tendency to modernization and to use the methods and ideas of Western civilization Not to be fused with reality through the use of the local outlet and local materials and many local methods of formation that were able to keep some roots in the local reality. In order to explain this trend, we must start with identifying the class of society that implemented these houses or practiced the implementation of these advanced ideas. It has practiced the implementation of this type of houses of the wealthy class with a distinguished social and cultural position in society and because of the degree of its culture and the degree of its connection and friction through its administrative, political and economic positions in the English, it has been able to accommodate the methods and ideas of Western civilization

And because of her financial ability, it became possible for her to adapt her life to fit naturally within this context through a house that carries those ideas. Here, and as a result of this type, the joints of the relationship between the private and the public differed, as well as the relationship (not the detailed) in the gradation between the general and the private because of the difference between the different signature of the house within the land on the one hand and the different design thought on the other side Although the architecture tries to create groups of different spaces according to the job and social situation, and connects them with a communication element (horizontal or vertical communication range), but it has not succeeded in preventing the state of overlap between those spaces and the spaces of movement and communication, which has become a state inherent to the designs of these housing in this decade of the century

With regard to the signature within the plot of land, and it has been proven that there are two types of houses spotted in this contract that differ in the design concept used mainly because the signature of each is different from the other The first: It is the pattern that was considered a continuation of the thought of the previous decade, and did not differ in the signature of the house within the plot of land from the houses of the previous decade As for the second type, and due to the different standards adopted mainly in planning those neighborhoods, the signature of the house within the plot of land is shown in the figure

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