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  • Lisa Della Dora

Lisa Della Dora

Lisa Della Dora (@lisadelladora)

Lisa is a senior 3D artist, who has worked for international archviz studios, developing a particular interest for interiors. She started her career in Berlin in 2014, as an architect, working in a competition team, but then decided to concentrate herself exclusively on architectural


She has a strong fascination for photography, light and composition from a young age.

In 2018, she decided to cultivate her passion for interior design, and while working, she attended a postgraduate master in Interior Design and communication (IMID) at Iuav - University of Venice, where she graduated in 2019, weeks after becoming a mum. Curator of Render IT, Italian archviz blog and community, where she managed to interview more than 40 amazing Italian artists working all over the world, since summer 2020 she joined the master MADI’s team as Art Director.

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