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Lilyan Anjo

Instagram- lilian_anjo

Architecture is a very different world and this world attracted me.

It's not only about making buildings, it's a powerful tool to make the world we live in a better place. My passion and love for architecture have started since I was a kid, I used to see art in every detail.

From a very young age I remember how I was drawing any object I see, and sketching in every notebook I found. Architecture has always been a part of me and it ended up becoming my biggest dream. Born and raised in Kuwait, in a city full of huge buildings, technology and contemporary architecture. But I'm from Syria, yes! from a country that suffers from a war.

In spite of that, I decided to start my journey there. No matter how bad the situation was, I was captured by the old streets and the historical buildings, and I always believed that one day I would make that beautiful country better. Studied at Damascus university faculty of architecture.

In these five years I realised how an architect can affect users impressions. Therefore designing for the people and their needs became my top priority.

Now I'm a fresh graduate architect, the journey will not be ending here.

Architecture has always made my heart light up, and I will follow this light till the end.

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